Amelie Racicot

Amelie Racicot has been teaching yoga for eight years and practicing for ten years. Amelie has experience teaching a variety of formats including vinyasa, hot yoga, yin yoga, and yoga sculpt. Amelie was inspired to teach after experiencing health complications from her type one diabetes. Diagnosed at the early age of 9 years old, she began to experience complications andloss of vision in her mid 20’s. After three years of coping with being temporarily legally blind, she knew it was imperative to create a lifestyle change that would help calm her mind, teach her healthy coping mechanisms, and promote a longer, healthier, happier life. After practicing for three years, she noticed lightness, a feeling of being whole again, and a connection to self and others that she knew was her obligation to pass on.

Amelie has had experience guiding many different demographics and companies through yoga and meditation including: Apex Rehab and Recovery, True Life Center, Corepower Yoga, T S Restaurants, and the San Diego County CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children) program. When Amelie steps onto her mat to facilitate, she strives to create a space and practice where people can be who they are. For the time they are with her, they can forget about disease, pain, self-sabotaging thoughts and are able to connect to the power of their breath and their internal strength. Through a combination or movement, intention, and music, Amelie will create an experience that will leave you feeling strong, motivated and ready to take on the world. Amelie shows up authentic, genuine and open and encourages and empowers her students to do the same.