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Revolutionary Yoga Classes in Decatur at Yoga Box

The best yoga studio in Decatur is one that is radical, inclusive, inviting, and rewarding. Every yogi who walks through our door – regardless of their level of practice – will benefit from taking Decatur yoga classes that are designed to inspire and challenge those who are determined to improve body, mind, and soul.

That Yoga Studio is Yoga Box
We believe in practice over perfection. Yoga is a never-ending journey towards improving body movement and flexibility, increasing strength and balance, and restoring the mind through each yoga session. Detox, sweat, and neutralize stress as you gain better circulation, posture, and stamina with our restorative yoga, hot yoga, power yoga, and more in our heated, lighted environment.

Yoga Studio 101 with Yoga Box
Whether you’re a seasoned pro at yoga or you’re so new that you’ve no idea what downward facing dog is, we welcome you! Chances are good that at one point or another, you’ve spent time searching for “the best yoga studio near me” online. Your search ends at Yoga Box!
Our most powerful classes blend recovery yoga, Vinyasa, sculpting, and Amanda Burns’ unique “Yoga Box” method of practice into an incredible experience that will excite you for the next class. Achieving the ideal balance between physical and mental peace is the ultimate goal, and at Yoga Box, we are committed to helping you achieve it.

Engage in a Dynamic Community with Our Yoga in Decatur
Every one of our yoga sessions in Decatur will help you attain a deeper, higher level of practice. We’ve achieved perfection with full programs that encompass the mind and body that all practicing yogis will thoroughly enjoy.
Connect with a supportive community. Encourage and support each other and in turn, receive the encouragement and support you need to attain your yoga goals. We support the personal practice goals of all our members as they work to improve their practice.

Try Yoga Box for Free!
Take advantage of a 3-day free trial for new members (to be used within 7 days of signing up)! Sign up today for your free trial and experience the best yoga in Decatur here at Yoga Box.


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