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Atlanta Bikram Yoga in Decatur

Known as “the original hot yoga”, Bikram yoga is a very specific type of practice that is not ever modified; it comprises 26 postures and two breathing exercises that are performed during a 90-minute yoga class in Decatur. Those postures are always done in the same order, too, and that’s completely intentional.

There are hidden benefits to following the exact same routine every time, one of which targets your mental status. When students are familiar with the routine and know which move is coming up next, they are able to focus less on the environment around them and turn their attention to their “inner world” instead. This improves the mental mindframe and focus during Bikram yoga sessions

Bikram Yoga Classes in Atlanta

The temperature of the room during Bikram yoga is usually heated to between 95 and 105 degrees fahrenheit, setting the stage for an intensely satisfying workout that improves heart and muscle health and invigorates the circulatory system. The heated environment softens muscles and prepares your body for dynamic movement while increasing its ability to sweat and cleanse itself from toxin build-up.

The Benefits of Bikram Yoga Practice

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, there are several others too, including stress relief, improved blood glucose control, muscle building, toning, and stretching, body detoxification, relief from chronic pain, increased bone density, better heart health, and improved blood lipid profiles, like cholesterol levels.

Bikram yoga was created by Bikram Choudhury in California during the 1970s and has only grown in popularity since. If this type of practice sounds like something you’d like to try, sign up for three free yoga classes in Decatur with Yoga Box and see what all the buzz is about!

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