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Power Yoga Classes in Atlanta, GA

Power yoga is exactly as its name implies – powerful! Yogis of all ages and ability levels enjoy taking power yoga classes in Atlanta because it leaves them feeling strong, open, and relaxed. Our classes start with 20 minutes of warming up to build internal heat with preparatory postures. Then, we engage in 30 minutes of power yoga poses to target endurance, stability, and strength, and then finish up with ten minutes of cool-down poses to complete your power yoga practice.

Our Power Flow Vinyasa classes blend power yoga with Vinyasa to increase your flexibility and mobility further. If you’re searching for a practice that focuses on mental focus, flexibility, stamina, and posture, our Power Flow Vinyasa classes bring the best of power yoga and Vinyasa yoga right to you. Your body will work harmoniously at its optimal mental and physical state during every session.

What Are the Benefits of Power Yoga?

Taking classes at our Decatur Yoga Studio have several benefits, including:

  • Toning and defining your muscles
  • Building strong bones
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Strengthening the heart and lungs
  • Improve cholesterol levels and blood pressure
  • Better sleep quality at night
  • Steady blood sugar levels

The Power Yoga Class Environment

The best environment for this type of yoga is one that energizes you while promoting relaxation and meditation at the same time. Our room is designed to minimize external distractions and enable you to focus your practice. The room temperature is heated to 96-98 degrees to engage your body in a higher level of calorie burning energizing motion.

If you’re interested in trying power yoga classes in Atlanta in Decatur, sign up for three free classes with Yoga Box!

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