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Sculpt Yoga in Atlanta

Sculpt yoga focuses on toning muscles and improving strength through high intensity sessions. It combines using hand weights with strength training to provide an optimal full-body workout. Students who enjoy sculpt yoga classes do so because unlike other types of non-yoga intense workouts, it preserves the mental and meditative components of yoga. This bridges the body and mind together for a superior level of overall health.

Decatur Sculpt Yoga Classes

Begin each class by warming up for 10 minutes with preparatory postures that prepare your body for strength training. Then, you’ll engage in 40 minutes of exercises that use hand weights to target your major muscle groups. Sessions end with 10 minutes of stretches and cool-down poses to restore your body and bring down the intensity level.

The Benefits of Sculpt Yoga Sessions

Benefits of taking these yoga classes at Yoga Box include keeping your heart healthy, building lean muscle, toning your body, enhancing your mind and body focus, boosting your energy levels, increasing bone density, burning calories, and detoxifying the body and improving skin health, among many others.

Our classes are intense and fun, and motivation is never in short supply! After each session, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to face whatever comes your way that day. The intensity can always be adjusted and poses can be modified for safety and comfort. You always want to push yourself to improve, but remain at a healthy pace, too. Classes are designed to be challenging and rewarding at the same time.

If you think you’d like to try some sculpt yoga classes in Atlanta, be sure to sign up for three free classes with us here at Yoga Box!

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