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Vinyasa Yoga in Atlanta

Vinyasa is a very popular type of yoga practice that is meant to increase the body’s flexibility and improve mobility, stamina, and strength. This type of yoga focuses on the flow and connection of movement to breath to align your body with your mind. When you combine Vinyasa with power yoga in our Power Flow yoga classes, you’ll achieve a whole new level of mental clarity and physical health!

Decatur Vinyasa Yoga Classes in Atlanta

Known for its flow that strings postures together in a fluid series from one to another, Vinyasa yoga uses breath as a main force. While other types of yoga do not vary and rely on the same postures for every session, Vinyasa is characterized by its fluid and variable nature. No two Atlanta Vinyasa classes are ever the same.

The Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga

This breath-focuses practice connects all movements with the ultimate goal of always moving forward – it focuses on the idea that everything is temporary, and this is reflected in the way that we “visit” each yoga pose during classes before leaving it to go to another. The benefits of Vinyasa yoga are many, and include things like:

  • Improved focus and state of mind
  • Better mood stability
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Enhanced core strength
  • Better endurance and flexibility
  • Wider range of motion

Moving from one pose to another fluidly is a feature of Vinyasa yoga that interests so many people; you rarely hold postures for any long duration of time and offers a change of pace from other types of yoga practice that do not use as much movement. This constant flow of movement offers focus, flexibility, concentration, strength training, and usually, some form of meditation.

If you’d like to give Vinyasa yoga in Atlanta a try, sign up for three free yoga classes with us!

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