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What is Yoga Box?

Yoga Box is a consistent yoga experience, we follow a methodology to improve your practice and provide that experience in a heated, lighted room with a state of the art sound system.

What Makes Yoga Box Different?

Traditional studios can get repetitive and lack any experience, resulting in no improvement in your practice.

We believe in Practice Over Perfection, pushing both mind and body for our members.

Is Yoga Box Heated Yoga?

Our Flows, Sculpts, and Tone-Ga are all heated starting from 90F.  Yin Restore Recovery is a non heated class, but it does eventually heat with body temperatures in the room.

Do you offer a Free Trial?

We offer new members a 3 Day Free Trial that can be used within 7 Days.

Does Yoga Box have Parking?

Good news! We offer parking at our location.  Currently the parking says 30 minutes, but that should be changed soon and you can feel free to park in the lot with no issue.

Does Yoga Box have Showers?

We currently do not offer showers, the feedback we received from our studio friends and members was that showers weren’t used very often, if at all. The maintenance that comes with showers would have resulted in a higher membership fee. Instead we opted for a much more accessible membership pricing.

Do you have a place to put my things?

We have cubbies in our lobby to store your items.  The lobby is either locked or monitored during class time.

Do you offer Mats and Towel Rentals, Water?  

We have a Water Fountain within the studio, we ask that you come with a bottle as we don’t currently sell one in the lobby. We have Mat rentals for $2.00. Towels are yours to keep at a rate of $2.00 per towel.

What are your Membership options?

Our Unlimited Memberships are offered at $99 Monthly.

The membership can be used at any location. This is a month-to-month agreement and you are grandfathered into the pricing, so as we expand your price won’t increase.  We also offer packs which can be seen by clicking here.

Discounts for Active Military, Active Student, Active Police, and Fire, Yoga Memberships?

Yoga Box offers a $89 Unlimited membership, for Active Military, Student, Police, and Fire.  Please contact us to set up the membership.