Health and intention have always been important in my personal mission. I grew up in Colorado and learned early on the power of yoga in overall mindfulness and fitness.

After graduating college, moving to San Diego, and starting my journey in business, I kept feeling the pull of my practice. Daily, I would think about yoga and how it changed my life in everything I do.

Yoga became my mission. I eventually left the world of business and went full-time into my practice. I quickly honed my skill set and developed techniques, filling in what was missing in yoga.

Today I welcome you to Yoga Box, a culmination of years of intent, with every detail thought out.  From Tone-Ga, a mixture of sculpt and flow I developed, to our training, practice, lighting, music system, and overall experience, Yoga Box is not your average yoga studio. It’s a place where yoga practitioners can come and immerse themselves in the experience while defining their unique practice and elevating their state.

Yoga Box was born to challenge you, expand your mind, and to deliver a practice-over-perfection experience.  Welcome to Yoga Box!


I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. In 2014 I decided to migrated west to San Diego, CA. I had recently graduated from the University of Colorado and I was on the hunt for nicer weather, a healthier lifestyle, and to define my life.

Shortly before the big move, I had decided to prioritize my health and commitment to getting in shape.  I had recently lost 20 pounds and was determined to not lose momentum. Once settled, I decided to try a Yoga Sculpt class at a nearby studio in Pacific Beach.  I was instantly hooked on the workout and it wasn’t long before something started to shift in my overall character and mindset as well.

I decided to enroll in Teacher Training with the intention of learning more about my new found love of yoga.  I quickly knew I wanted to teach and share the transformational power of the practice with others. I went ALL IN  on my teaching and my practice. I quickly moved up the ladder at my studio into management and quit my day job.

I was teaching and taking classes full-time.  There was something so powerful about the energy in the studio that resulted in a complete shift in my life’s plan. I quickly went from graduating business school with the intention of getting my Realtors license to a full-time stretchy pants wearing yogi trying to make ends meet.

I loved my studio, but I felt something was missing.  I started conceptualizing a way to harness and amplify the powerful energy that was being manifested in every class.  I had recently taken a few cycling and bootcamp group fitness classes at other studios that were revolutionizing the fitness industry by incorporating state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems to make for a fully experiential workout experience.  I saw a huge opportunity for the yoga community.

I immediately started researching and drafting a business plan for a fully experiential, strength and mindfulness focused studio.  Fast forward to 2019, when after meeting my business partner and Yoga Box co-founder, Billy Canu who shared the same vision, this dream was quickly put into motion.
Yoga Box is not just your average yoga studio, Yoga Box is a place where yoga practitioners alike can come, immerse themselves in the experience, define their unique practice and elevate their state.

Welcome to Yoga Box.

Namaste, Amanda