Katey Connell

Katey’s yoga journey began in her early twenties when she was looking for a healthy outlet to get through the difficult times of life. One sculpt class later and she was hooked! Teaching for 2 years now, Yoga Sculpt has unlocked her power not only in her physical life but in her personal life as well, giving her the self-confidence to walk through life’s ups and downs. It has always been her passion to motivate and encourage others, and when she found yoga sculpt, she found exactly what she was looking for. Not only does she love the natural endorphins gained from pushing ourselves past our physical limits, but the new sense of happiness, peace, and spiritual strength she feels after every class. Katey loves going to her mat each class reminded to remove negative thoughts and fill up with positive ones, in order to leave the mat ready to impact others with new positive energy. Her classes are filled with good energy, crazy dance parties, and awesome playlists! Katey is so excited to take the next step of her yoga journey through sculpting the mind, body, and soul with you!